My name is Carol Ammons and I am currently the Illinois state Representative for the 103rd district which includes Urbana-Champaign and the University of Illinois’ flagship university. I have dedicated my life to public service as an organizer and advocate for the people of Illinois. I have a combined ten years of service in elected office, at the county, city and state level.

I love serving the state that I call home. It is where I met my husband, raised my 3 wonderful children, and spoil my 2 grandchildren.

Since I was elected as state Representative in 2014, I have worked to end the economic “race to work bottom” for Illinois families, reform the criminal justice system, defend union members and their right to bargain collectively and protect our environment.

If you would like to express your support for me to challenge the incumbent, then join the grassroots, voter-driven effort to take back the Illinois 13th Congressional District in the 2018 election, sign up to volunteer and make a contribution because the only way we can have the representation we want in Washington is by building a diverse grassroots community campaign to fight back against the big money machine.


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