About The Movement

A Movement, Not Just A Campaign

In November of 2014 I won a year-long campaign to become your next state Representative of Illinois House District 103 and the first African-American and African-American female state Representative of the 103rd District.

I didn't do this alone.

Over 200 volunteers helped knock on more than 20,000 doors, make more than 16,000 phone calls, send out 2,500 thank you cards, and register more than 2,500 voters.

Volunteers who were students from Parkland College and the University of Illinois, who spent hours registering people to vote, even as they took full class loads. Because they believe, as I do, that our Democracy depends on participation. 

Volunteers who were union members, who knocked on hundreds of doors, giving their time after work and on the weekends. Because they believe, as I do, in the right to organize and that pensions are a promise. I made them a commitment to making sure Illinois keeps that promise when I made it to Springfield.

Volunteers who are community members that I have known for years, and some I met for the first time through the campaign. All of them who have spent hours making phone calls, attending campaign events, and giving of their incredible talent and energy to my campaign, because they believe, as I do, that we need to renew our commitment to public education, pass a progressive income tax, raise the minimum wage, ensure a woman’s right to choose and protect our water supply—and that it is possible to run a campaign that focuses on these issues instead of politics as usual.

Volunteers who were current and former elected officials who attended rallies, made phone calls, and not only endorsed but also truly supported my campaign.

Without this community rallying around me, I never would have made it. Thank you will never be enough for what they have given me.

But as I said on the night of our election victory - this is not the finish line, this is the starting line.  The team we put together to reach that victory was truly something special—and it is going to take that team - along with some new team members, working together to bring positive change to Illinois.

If WE are going to raise the wage it is going to take all of us.  

If WE are going to bring a Progressive Income tax to Illinois it is going to take all of us.

If WE are going to support progressive candidates, it is going to take all of us.

I have asked a lot of you but now I have the biggest request of them all - keep me accountable to our shared vision of a better Illinois for working families.  Keep up this work we started together—bring it back to your unions, your community organizations, your churches, your neighborhoods. We can make Illinois better, but it will take all of us.


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