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We are not running a campaign,
we are building a movement.


In November 2014, we made history by electing the first African-American and African-American female state representative for Champaign-Urbana.

All thanks to the hard work, commitment, and financial support of hundreds of volunteers. Volunteers who knock on more than 20,000 doors, made more than 16,000 phone calls, sent out 3,000 thank you cards, and register more than 2,500 voters.

Within months we built a diverse, energetic, and determined coalition that utilized years of planting the seeds of grassroots organizing in CU to build more than a campaign, to build a movement. This was the people of Champaign-Urbana coming together and demanding representation that supports our safety net programs, addresses institutionalized oppression, and gives a voice and power to our most marginalized community members.

Election Day was a well-deserved victory to all the hard work and dedication but it wasn't the finish line.  It was the starting line.  We have said from the beginning - we’re not running a campaign, we’re building a movement and it’s time to take this movement to the next level.  That’s why I’m asking you to make a monthly commitment to contributing to this movement.

If we are going to continue to raise the minimum wage it is going to take all of us.  If we are going to bring a progressive income tax to Illinois it is going to take all of us. If we are going to build a sustainable movement that makes impactful change, is is going to take all of us.

We need you with us now more than ever because supporting Carol is more than supporting a candidate, it’s supporting a change in Illinois politics.

You can sign up to donate monthly here or if you prefer, you can mail checks to Friends of Carol Ammons, PO Box 53, Urbana IL, 61803. Any amount is appreciated and valued.

Your support now, will sustain this movement and bring lasting and dramatic change to our community.

#WithCarol: Support Our Political Revolution