The People's Agenda

In November of 2014 voters elected the first African-American and African-American female state Representative of the 103rd District.

This was made possible because over 200 volunteers knocked on more than 20,000 doors, made more than 16,000 phone calls, sent out 2,500 thank you cards, and registered more than 2,500 voters. Because they believe our Democracy depends on participation.

After this people-powered, grassroots victory, the efforts and energy where channeled into The People's Agenda

The People’s Agenda (TPA) is a 501(c)(4) organizational platform in Champaign County, providing education, training, and voice to build political power for the inclusion of and advocacy for those who have been systematically disempowered.

TPA's vision is to build a community coalition that aligns our local elected officials, boards, commissions, and policies to reflect a People's Agenda that supports our safety net programs, addresses institutionalized oppression and gives a voice and power to the most marginalized community members.

Join us as we continue our work to elect true, progressive candidates who will uphold our values and put people and planet first.