Carol Ammons

Carol Ammons

Illinois State Representative

103rd district

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A Note From Carol

For the past two months, I have been considering a run for the Illinois’ 13th Congressional District. To help me determine if I should run, I held listening sessions throughout the district and listened to hundreds of people.

I firmly believe that listening to constituents makes me a better-elected official. I'd like to thank everyone who attended those listening sessions. If I didn't make it to your community, it was only because my time was severely limited by the state's budget crisis. I sincerely hope to visit your community in the near future.

Across the 13th Congressional District, from Champaign-Urbana to Edwardsville, I heard you say that the issues and policies impacting your lives on a day-to-day basis, the ones pushing you into survival mode, crushing your families and dampening your children's dreams, are primarily state issues.

What I heard at the listening sessions, loudest and clearest, is that right now I am needed most in state government, fighting for Champaign-Urbana and all of Illinois in 2018.

Therefore, with my deepest appreciation for your support and encouragement, I have decided not to run for the 13th Congressional District in 2018.

I did not make this decision lightly. I see what’s happening on the national stage and I share your concerns. However, the purpose of the exploratory committee was to hear what you wanted and what I heard you say is that you want a stable state government that gives every Illinoisan a fair shot.

Although many have asked me to run for Congress, many more have asked me to remain a voice in Springfield. Right now, Springfield is where I need to be and I promise to continue to be your voice when you're not there to speak for yourselves.

Make no mistake - I will still be using my voice to hold Congressman Davis accountable in the coming election. He voted to take health coverage away from more than 50,000 of his constituents and has refused to honor his constituent’s requests for town halls - voters in every corner of his district must be reminded of this before Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.

Thank you for your support during this exploratory process and I look forward to working with you in 2018 to elect a new Governor and a new Congressperson who will put people and the planet first because Illinois will not survive another four years of Governor Rauner.




Legislative Accomplishments

Carol has demonstrated her commitment and ability to work effectively as an elected official on the state and local level. She has consistently been a leading voice for meaningful policy changes that positively impact our most marginalized community members. In her first term as State Representative, Carol was extremely successful in passing legislation with bipartisan support. 

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Women Making Waves

This year will be the 3rd Annual Women Making Waves Brunch and Panel Discussion. This year’s keynote address will be from Lori Gold Patterson. Lori is a dynamic, successful entrepreneur in a male-dominated field. She will share with us what drives her, her path to success, and how she’s using her position to help more women climb the ladder.


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Your Voice Matters

Your voice truly matters and this is a great way to be heard. Community Advisory Panels assist in monitoring the bills that are being introduced, assessing them for how they will impact the 103rd district, and developing legislation. Interested in joining the conversation? There are many ways to participate.

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In November of 2014 voters elected the first African-American and African-American female state Representative of the 103rd District. This was made possible because over 200 volunteers knocked on more than 20,000 doors, made more than 16,000 phone calls, sent out 2,500 thank you cards, and registered more than 2,500 voters.

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